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Luxe Gel Professional SPA Foot Cream

When talking about foot care, we have on mind a wide range of beauty improving treatments, out of which the most popular is the pedicure. One should remember that before getting the treatment, we should take particular care of skin requiring regeneration.


The Luxe Gel Professional SPA Foot Cream with 15% of urea exfoliates, prevents drying, hardening, and cracking of heels. It softens and lubricates. The 15% of urea present in the cream facilitates exfoliation, increases the permeability of stratum corneum of the skin, enables penetration of active substances into the depth of the skin, and acts antibacterial. The peach oil and lanoline ideally soften, lubricate and protect skin against external factors, while glycerine binds water in the epidermis, moisturizes, protects against excessive dryness, soothes and improves elasticity.

It’s characterized with pleasant, fresh, plant-based scent with a delicate lemon scent.


  • Facilitates exfoliation
  • Protects against drying and hardening of heels
  • Softens and lubricates
  • 250ML

HOW TO USE: massage the cream into clean and dry skin of feet till absorbed.

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