About us

Luxe Gel Professional ™ is a leading nail brand on the European market. with a mission is to create professional, trendy products for nail technicians all over the world. Luxe Gel currently stock over 500 products including over 350 shades of gel polish, a complete builder gel system and our famous structure base.
  • Soak-Off Gel Polish is highly pigmented and super easy to apply, long lasting & easy to remove.
  • Structure Base was designed to help with strength and growth of the natural nail as well as nail extensions. It is a 3-1 base coat (builder gel, primer & colour).
  • Builder Gel is designed to create beautiful long lasting nail extensions, it is easy to apply, and is self-levelling.
We also stock many other items such as nail brushes, nail art products and many more. as a brand luxe gel aims to bring nothing but the best quality products to the market.